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The Stand
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Soul Survivor: How My Faith Survived the Church
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Write Good or Die - Scott Nicholson 3.5 stars.

I picked up this e-book as a free Kindle read from Amazon.com. It has some informative and entertaining articles (originally published as blog posts) from numerous working authors who know their way well around the writing biz. Many of the passages provide interesting autobiographical details about how the authors broke into their fields. Like most anthologies, the articles can be hit or miss in usefulness; your mileage may vary on which of these articles will be most personally helpful to you. Additionally, the section on e-publishing is quickly becoming outdated. Regardless, these selections are diverse and each contribute to provide another perspective on different areas of the writer's life.

This book works as a nice primer for new(er) writers looking to break into the profession, as it covers a variety of topics, from the art and craft of one's writing to the business and financial end of the industry. As well, there are some inspiring articles in the mix that deal with how writers can cultivate discipline, dispel misconceptions, and pursue their passions that I will return to read again and again.

I highly recommend it to aspiring writers who wish to become serious about their craft.